From the Board of Governors of FLC:                  
  It was with deep sorrow and regret that the Finger Lakes Board of Governors announced the final presentation of the Province II Finger Lakes Conference at William Smith College in Geneva, New York (beginning on Sunday June 22 and closing on Friday, June 27, 2008).
    We know that you will join us in grieving over the loss of this outstanding opportunity for fellowship and Christian education which has sustained many a conferee through good times and bad. Many are indebted for learnings and friendships, of immeasurable value, that have grown and endured through the years. 

 Prentiss Carnell  first gave this poem on June 28, 2006, he repeated it on June 25, 2008 at our final Talent Show.

Ghosts of Fingerlakes Conference

Where are these ghosts that inhabit this place?
What are they that haunt my soul?

They come from 30 years inhabitation, just one week a year.
They dwell in the halls and corners and the atmosphere of the place.

Thirty years, more than a lifetime’s third.
Can they be dredged up, brought to mind again, should they?

If the walls could talk, if the trees and grass could give voice to what they have seen
Early morning silence, or not quite
Workmen starting their chores
Greetings from our once-a-year journey.

Ghosts of relationships renewed and those long since died.
Positive and negative, cherished and regretted.

Actions too, born of youth or inexperience – raucous laughter, frenzied dancing
Serious too, feeling the hand of God.
Why is God felt so in this place and not another?

Courses too, life changing or not.
And ghosts of those who taught.

The ghosts of a conference’s life
Those who birthed her, those who sustained her, the next generation?

And where else does one watch the sun rise after a night of revelry?
Or return each year in anticipation of rejoining a church that meets one week a year?

Not all ghosts are scary, some are welcome, like an old friend.
It’s not such a bad ghost who reveals the hand of God in my life.
And creates a transformation in that life.

Thanks be to God!


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